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Contact this aggressive Fort Lauderdale Medical Malpractice Lawyer. Stephen Morse handles medical malpractice cases in all areas of Florida – which includes South Florida and Broward County. Mr. Morse handles all types of medical malpractice cases. These include failure to diagnose and misdiagnosis, and the failure to diagnose cancer and misdiagnosis of cancer. Misdiagnosis also can lead to the performance of unnecessary surgeries; resulting surgical mistakes and errors; and anesthesia mistakes, errors and overdose. Surgical mistakes and errors can include bariatric surgery mistakes and cosmetic and plastic surgery mistakes and errors. Mr. Morse also handles cases involving emergency room (ER) negligence and the failure to admit patients to the hospital. He also works on cases involving doctors leaving foreign objects and surgical instruments/tools in patients’ bodies. Mr. Morse handles cases involving birth injuries, baby injuries and harm caused to babies. He likewise works on cases involving the negligent prescription or administration of medications and pharmacy mix-ups.

Medical malpractice can be committed by any type of medical provider. If medical treatment is given, a medical malpractice case can result if there is negligence in that treatment and harm results. Other medical providers that can commit medical malpractice are nurses, and their nursing and nurses’ negligence can lead to harm. Finally, Stephen Morse handles cases involving cardiology-related errors and mistakes, cosmetic surgery errors and mistakes, ophthalmological errors and mistakes, orthopedic errors and mistakes, radiology errors and mistakes, and health insurance denials.

Should you be injured due to the fault of a doctor or hospital, call this Fort Lauderdale Medical Malpractice Law Firm at 954-560-3063 for a free, no obligation consultation. Stephen Morse will not get paid unless a recovery is made and you are compensated for your injuries. Mr. Morse can also help you if you’ve been injured due to medical negligence in Miami, West Palm Beach, or any area of Florida.

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Medical malpractice results from all different types of causes. Amongst these are poor or inadequate training; long work hours and overworked doctors; alcohol, drug, and substance abuse.

In order to prove a medical malpractice case, you will need to show that the doctor that caused you harm did not render treatment up to the standard of care of his or her profession. That is, if an average, prudent doctor in similar circumstances would not have acted in the same as the doctor that caused your injuries, you may have a medical malpractice case.

Medical malpractice is an extremely complex area of the law. As such, there are all sorts of restrictions and time limitations on how and when a medical malpractice case can be brought. For example, before a lawsuit is filed in a medical malpractice case, the claim must go through a stage called “pre-suit.”

Additionally, the standard statute of limitations in a medical malpractice case in Florida is two-years. This means that you must bring your case within two-years of when you knew, or should have known, that malpractice was committed. In other words, oftentimes medical malpractice is committed by a doctor or hospital and the victim isn’t immediately aware of the malpractice (for example, in the case of misdiagnosis). In that case, the statute of limitations would be two years from the date the victim should have known of the malpractice (which would be determined by a Judge based on all of the circumstances of the case).

There is also a four-year statute of repose in Florida for a medical malpractice case. This means that, regardless of when you should have known that medical malpractice was committed, you cannot bring a case after four years from the date the malpractice was committed.

Finally, for cases involving fraud, concealment, or intentional misrepresentation, there is a seven-year cap. That means that, if a medical provider attempts to hide the fact that malpractice was committed, there will be a seven-year cap on when you can bring a medical malpractice case. It is therefore extremely important that you contact this South Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyer as soon as possible to make sure these deadlines are met.

Unfortunately, sometimes people pass away as a result of medical malpractice. In that case, it is those left behind that may be compensated for their loss. However, the law in Florida only allows certain categories of family members to be compensated for their loss. These include: a spouse, children under twenty-five-years-old, adult children financially dependent on the decedent (person who passed away), and a parent of a child under the age of 25. If a person dies and doesn’t leave behind any family members in any of these categories, there can be no medical malpractice-wrongful death case.

Further, one other consideration in a medical malpractice case is that not all medical providers carry malpractice insurance. It will be important to figure out if the doctor or hospital that caused you harm carried malpractice insurance, so this is another important reason to contact Stephen Morse.

This Fort Lauderdale Medical Negligence Attorney handles medical malpractice cases involving all types of injuries. These include catastrophic injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and fractures, traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s), paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia, eye injuries, vision loss, hearing loss, comas, amputations, birth injuries and death (i.e., wrongful death).




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Stephen Morse handles cases involving all types of injuries. These include catastrophic injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) and closed head injuries, brain damage, paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, comas and vegetative states. This South Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney handles cases involving eye injuries and vision loss, as well as hearing loss, and death and loss of life (i.e., wrongful death).​

Stephen Morse likewise works on cases involving syndromes and other maladies caused by accidents – including RSD (complex regional pain syndrome), carpal tunnel syndrome, Lisfranc injuries, and drop-foot.

If you’ve been injured due to the fault of a doctor or hospital, contact this Fort Lauderdale Medical Malpractice Law Firm at 954-560-3063 for a free, no obligation consultation.